House Singh

In the days soon after the pact, when the Runai lands were being rebuilt from disaster, the Singh house quickly rose to be the champions and defenders. They held positions in the military of old and this martial mastery extended into the time after the pact. The majority of citizens supported and approved of the Singh house as tales of their exploits spread through all the Runai lands. In recent years however, house Singh has lost quite a bit of respect. The previous head of the house engaged in a dishonorable plot to prevent the Nameless house from joining the pact by framing the kami diplomats. The current leader of house Singh took over the clan through a ritual duel and has since attempted to make amends.


Perfect form – The moment that you took the pact, your body changed itself to its most perfect version. You are exceptionally strong, tireless and resistant to toxins. Though still human, you are the best of what a human could be.

Subtle as a sledgehammer – The pact or your upbringing has left you incapable of feats of subtlety. If something is to be done, it’s hard for you to understand why any path other than the most direct one is reasonable at all.

The Ishikawa Way

Upon death, +10 harmony sends you to the ghostwall. 0 harmony causes you to become a hungry ghost

  • -5 Perform a violent action out of rage or selfishness
  • -3 Perform a dishonorable action
  • -1 Knowingly allow a dishonorable action to occur
  • +2 Defend someone weaker
  • +4 Spread the Runai culture or empire

Gifts of the Pact

Passive abilities and modifiers

  • Ascended Immune system – The pact has left your body with the ability to shrug all mundane illness and a strong defense against disease or poison. You receive a +2 to physique when you need to overcome or defend against disease and poisons.
  • Tireless – You are far less susceptible to issues that arise from exhaustion or sleep deprivation. +2 to physique when rolling to overcome or defend against sleep deprivation or exhaustion.
  • Supernal strength – The pact has given you strength beyond that of any other mortal. +2 to overcome or create advantage rolls with physique that involve lifting great weight. Furthermore, you can attempt to lift far more that any other mortal could.


Abilities that cost 1 Fate Point to activate

  • Ignore death’s touch – Somehow, you are capable of surviving insurmountable odds. If you are taken out of a physical conflict, you may spend a fate point to concede instead and you gain no fate points from the concession. Coincidence keeps you alive and you pass from the view of the other combatants (falling off a cliff, failing to escape and explosion, etc). You may then re-enter play in any subsequent scene. You return with all of your physical stress cleared and an additional consequence to reflect the danger that you survived.
  • Panacea – When you find yourself under the effects of a poison or gas of some kind, you may spend 1 fate point to be able to ignore it. Your body simply converts the poison or gas into 2 stress and you are free of its effects for a scene (or three rounds if in combat).
  • Unstoppable – Once you are in motion, you are very difficult to stop due to your sheer muscular power. You may use physique rather than athletics to move between zones, ignoring anyone attempting to prevent you from changing zones.

House Singh

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