House Sinchi

Members of house Ishikawa believe that if someone didn’t want their belongings stolen, they would protect them better. That doesn’t mean that house Ishikawa has no concept of honor. To house Ishikawa, remaining ethically flexible is more important than being self-righteous. They would call themselves the ultimate realists. Before the pact, house Ishikawa were assassins and messengers for powerful lords, today they have surpassed their old masters. Although individual members of Ishikawa can be quite loyal and even honorable, as a house, they are involved in all manner of illicit activities from soul dust trade to assassinations. They run the Laughing Squid Casino in the city of God’s Rest which acts as the center of power for the sprawling Ishikawa enterprise.


Leave No Trail – The pact has gifted house Ishikawa with a talent for stealth. They may choose to leave no trail and become nearly impossible to track. They can trudge through waist deep snow and leave nothing but undisturbed mounds behind them.

Curse of Greed – Members of house Ishikawa tend to become fixated on certain objects when this curse comes upon them. At that point, they simply can’t help themselves and must take the thing. This isn’t so bad for a small trinket but, can be troublesome for something larger… like a house.

The Ishikawa Way

Upon death, +10 harmony sends you to the ghostwall. 0 harmony causes you to become a hungry ghost

  • -5 Kill without proper payment
  • -3 Betray a fellow house member
  • -1 Allow an insult to go unanswered
  • +2 Get even
  • +4 Make someone fall from a superior position

Gifts of the Pact

Passive abilities and modifiers

  • Cloak of shadow – You may wear the shadows themselves as a cloak if you so desire. Simply grab a nearby shadow and pull it over yourself to add the cloaked in shadow aspect. This may be done in any situation where there is some kind of shadow. A very well lit place with no cover will not have enough shadow to wear.
  • Stolen wounds – The ability of the Ishikawa to steal is such that you can touch a wounded character and transfer their wound onto yourself. This will reduce the severity of their consequence by one level but, it will also grant a consequence of the lowest available level to you.
  • Unchained – There is no bond that can truly hold you besides the pact. You can escape from any simple, mundane restraint. This goes from simple rope to the strongest steel chains and even being grappled in combat. Nothing can hold you for long.


Abilities that cost 1 Fate Point to activate

  • Key of whispers – The locks of the world all know that they cannot hope to stop you from acquiring the things within, so they have all given up. In order to open or close a simple, mechanical lock, all you have to do is ask it in a whisper.
  • Mask of names – If you know the full name of a person and hear a full sentence of their voice, you may completely disguise yourself as that person. You speak with their voice, your face appears the same as that person and you would pass all but the most intense scrutiny. Someone very close to the person that you are impersonating may attempt to see past the disguise if they have reason to suspect something. This effect will last from dusk until the first light of dawn.
  • Theft of fate – As a member of house Ishikawa, you understand that small actions can have huge effects. As such, you may choose to alter the fate of an individual in the short term for good or bad by doing a simple, small act. You cannot describe the outcome or have any input other than deciding if the outcome will be positive or negative.

House Sinchi

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