About 50 years ago, the world almost ended.

The Kami, spirits of the animals, plants, places and even ideas attacked the kingdoms of men in an island-continent called Shinkyo. The Runai people called the first attacks, The Nights of Endless Ash. This led to the long war called The Rage against the Heavens where the kami attacked the kingdoms with endless armies and monstrosities made from the earth itself. The human kingdoms struck back as much as they could but their masses were cut down again and again. Worse still, those who died would rise and their bodies would join the legions in battle against the living humans.

Just as mysteriously as it all began, it ended. Stories tell of a Nameless warrior who dueled with the general of the Kami for 3 whole days before being forced to concede defeat. Other stories tell of an expedition deep into kami controlled territory and a gate in the center of a lake that no longer reflected the world of men. Some even tell of a woman clad in rusty armor and wielding a sword that cut the heavens themselves in half. Now, among the Runai people, stories of the time before the Nights of Endless Ash are blasphemy.

To the Ashlands, the world was reborn in fire.

The Runai empire rises from the ashes of the time before, spreading their influence and The Pact across the west. In the dark jungles and forests of the North, tribes of cannibalistic savages called The Boneyard People clash with the mysterious Children of the Wild. In the east, the theocratic kingdom of Bleakmoor raises enormous walls of iron and spikes and refuses to allow foreigners freedom to travel within their lands. Finally, in the warped and twisted south, the Unbound kami enslave wayward mortals, corrupt the weak and crush those who oppose their alien goals and methods.

Make your mark in the Ashlands.

Seasons of Ash

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